Fifth Down goes 14-1 in week six predictions

Mrs. Cleo can take a step back. Harry Houdini is no longer the magician of choice. Fifth Down is the new magical-psychic center of the universe, after correctly predicting 14 of the weekend's 15 biggest matchups.

(For anyone ready to stop reading this blog forever because how I'm a cocky SOB, please note the sarcasm in that introduction)

The only incorrect projection this week was in the Ohio State-Wisconsin game, where I picked the Badgers to pull off the upset in Columbus. Instead, the Buckeyes came out strong, and thanks to a big second half, put the Badgers to rest in a 31-13 win. 

Outside of that incorrect projection, it was a great week. Arkansas upset Auburn, and Tennessee also upset Georgia at home. 

To be pessimistic, its most likely all downhill from here. Oh well, screw it. One good week ain't too bad.


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