Peterson needs to tell it like it is

Okay Spice Girls, you win. I’ll tell you what I really, really want.

I want to see Chris Peterson come on the set of College Gameday Special this Thursday night before the BCS national championship game. Not only do I want to see him on the set, but also I want to hear the Boise State head coach do his best Muhammad Ali impression, with a little Barack Obama thrown in for good flavor.

Peterson needs to tell anyone and everyone who will listen just how good he thinks his Broncos really are. Along the lines of this...

Chris Fowler: “So, coach…how good are you guys? Can you beat Alabama or Texas for a national championship?”

Peterson: “We are the greatest! Yes we can!”

Boise State is an elite-level program that happens to play in a conference with a bunch of glorified junior college teams. They are no longer that gimmicky, trick-play running bunch from Idaho that plays on that funny blue field.

The Broncos are as good as just about anyone, or at least they can say they are.

If you asked 100,000 football fans who the better team in America was: Boise State or Alabama, the best estimate of how many would favor the Tide would be around 995,000 (there’s about 5,000 people in the state of Idaho, right?).

But how many people thought Utah could beat Alabama last year, or Boise over Oklahoma in 2007? Or Stanford over USC the following season?

Games are not played on paper for a reason, which needn’t be discussed in further detail thanks to Peterson and the Broncos’ Fiesta Bowl win three years ago…and hell, this year too.

TCU was supposed to be that first runner-up for the national title game. When Texas slid into the slot opposite Alabama for Thursday’s game, the outcries for the little guy revealed themselves stretching from Forth Worth all the way to Cincinnati.

Not much love for the Broncos. Why not? Of the ten teams playing in BCS bowls this year, only three had beaten another BCS participant. Ohio State beat Iowa, Alabama beat Florida, and Boise State beat Oregon.

Quality win, check.

Now, I’m not a big fan of the idea that any undefeated team automatically deserves a share of the national title. You mean to tell me that Tim Tebow couldn’t have led the Gators through that schedule the same way Kellen Moore carried the Broncos?

Let them play the big guys, and see how it goes.

Make no mistake about it - TCU is a big guy. The Horned Frogs blasted BYU, Utah, and also beat ACC runner-up Clemson on the road. They were a very worthy opponent for the Broncos; not only that, but they were the favorites.

So the Broncos need more than just a one-game shot at an Oklahoma, or a TCU in one bowl game.

If I’m king of college football for a day, I say next week, the winner of Thursday’s game faced off with the Broncos for a more true national championship game. George W. Bush never sniffed the approval ratings I’d be getting.

There are plenty more logistical issues to the problem than just adding one more game to the bowl season (shortening the layoff between the regular season is number one), but what fans, players, and I’m betting coach Peterson want to see is Boise State earn its stripes by trying to run through a couple big-name teams on the way to a title.

Are they going to win the championship? Maybe, probably not, but they would have had a fair shake, as well as all the other highly ranked teams.

Woah, deep breath. I’m getting dangerously close to the BCS vs. Playoff never-ending debate. That’s not my angle.

I simply want to see Boise State proclaim itself worthy of making a run at an honest, undisputed championship. They’ve earned enough respect to make that claim.

What’s the worst that can happen? ESPN’s TBL (The Bottom Line, for those of you who realize there are more channels on DirectTV unlike myself) reads “Boise State’s Peterson says his team is best in country.”

Wow! Let’s get this guy on the air and hear him state his case!

I could use something other than Brett Favre or Tiger Woods scrolling across the screen for change.


hokiefreak8 said...

i agree with alot of what you had to say here. i'm just sick and tired of boise thinking they're God's gift to college football though. don't get me wrong, they're a great team, but to play for the national championship you have to play someone on your way. playing the 98th hardest schedule and only playing one top 25 isn't exactly packing your schedule with quality opponents. also, you have to be able to beat quality opponents without having at least a whole month to prepare (Oregon, TCU). Texas, USC, Alabama, Boise?....i don't think so

Anonymous said...

totally. they have not earned the right to say they are the best team in the nation, but they've earned the right to say they deserve a chance.

@GirlFuturist said...

Hokiefreak8 - BSU has never said or implied they are God's gift to football. What they HAVE done is beat the two "better/bigger" teams that the BCS has allowed them to play. What more can they do?

Coach Petersen is either modest or politically smart. Probably both. But to hold someoff off at arms length and say they aren't good enough to play the "Big Guys" just means the Big Guys are afraid they might lose.

And by the way, having a whole month to prepare is NOT an advantage. The team slows down some, and the opponent can study every play you've ever done. Even a girl knows that!

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