Gro(h)ss situation at UVA

 All the Hoos in Hoo-ville were crying "boo-hoo" after William and Mary cruised by Virginia in Scott Stadium last Saturday. If I were a member of the UVA faithful, I would have Al Groh out of town on the very next train.

Face it; the guy has every tool necessary to build a winning program. George Welsh did it. Frank Beamer just down the road is churning out ACC championships like he is blocked kicks.

At one point in the early stages of Groh’s tenure, UVA was dominating the world of recruiting. The names Ahmad Brooks, Kai Parham, and Elton Brown were all heavily recruited out of high school, and all ended up in Charlottesville. What does Groh have to show for it? Five bowl games in nine years. Hardly acceptable considering the resources he has at his hands.

Virginia’s athletic facilities are better than many, and are easily comparable to its ACC counterparts. They have the entire Tidewater region to recruit, which churns out as many top-dollar athletes as any other.

The biggest excuse most Wahoos use is their academic standards are too high to field a successful football team. Tell that to Wake Forest, a private school with an enrollment less than 5,000. The Demon Deacons have been to more bowls than the Cavs since Groh took over, including an ACC title in 2006.

Groh should be fired immediately. Let Gregg Brandon take over this team now, so the Cavs can try and find some sort of continuity before its too late. Then, athletic director Craig Littlepage can start making a long and thorough search for a replacement.

If Groh does indeed get fired, whether it is sooner or later, who should be his replacement? Drop me a thought on the Groh situation right here, or on my facebook page.  


Anonymous said...

If I were the UVA AD, I'd have kicked Groh to the curb a season or two ago. I don't care if he's an Alum, he's run the UVA football program into the ground. Maybe if the Hoos can win their next few games, let Groh stick out the season and then let him go. But if UVA keeps losing (like I expect them to do), Groh is likely gone.

As for who would replace him? Hell if I know. I don't follow UVA "football" too closely. They like hiring Alumni, I bet Tina Fey could do a better job. At least then UVA football would at least be a funny joke.

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